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Bulk Cycle With HGH Empty Bulk Cycle With HGH

Post by victorz06 on Wed May 18, 2016 3:21 pm

I was wondering if some of you seniors can give me advice on a good bulking program using HGH. I have never used it before, but I have done a few heavy bulk cycles in the past. I'm 27, 5 yrs. training, 11% BF, 185 lbs., done 5 cycles in the past.

100mg test prop e.o.d. wk 1-2 (frontload)
60mg dbol e.d. wk 1-6
600mg deca e.w. wk 1-14
750mg test enanthate e.w. wk 1-14
75mg tren e.o.d. wk 8-14
50mg proviron e.d. wk 1-16

hcg mid cycle
hcg, clomid, & nolva for post.

I'm 7 weeks into the above cycle. Next time I want to use some HGH. I can't afford to do it for 14 how would I best toss HGH into the above mix?

IF using HGH next time, perhaps I could do away with the dbol and deca and just run 100mg test prop e.o.d with 4iu of HGH e.d. for 6 weeks (just guessing)? What AS compliments HGH best for bulking aside from test? Any imput would be greatly appreciated.

Eating Machine
Eating Machine

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Bulk Cycle With HGH Empty Re: Bulk Cycle With HGH

Post by Eating Machine on Wed May 18, 2016 4:12 pm

The harsher steroids work best with hgh IMO. Dbol is great with it.

You really need to use it at least wks 4-18 IMO to get the most out of it. I like to use it through pct to keep away the blues and help hold on to gains. Hgh has been shown to protect muscle size in the complete absence of testosterone, as would be typical going in to pct.

You don't neccessarily need the 4ius per day the entire 14 weeks though. It does not take nearly as much of the hgh as most people believe to get results, sure they are better results with higher doses, but, I hate to see someone not use it at all because they feel like the need a boat load to see results.

Use 2ius per day for that run and you can get away with only 200ius. Take all 2ius in the am 30 minutes before breakfast and take no days off.

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Bulk Cycle With HGH Empty Re: Bulk Cycle With HGH

Post by wedge on Thu May 19, 2016 3:31 am

GH will work best with a leaner cutting cycle. The leaner, the better.

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Bulk Cycle With HGH Empty Re: Bulk Cycle With HGH

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