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Pre Contest Straight To Post Contest Cycle Empty Pre Contest Straight To Post Contest Cycle

Post by kfathi14 on Wed Jun 01, 2016 5:14 am

Pre and Post Contest Strategy

Wuts up bros, this is my first post here, i figured i'd share my cycles and see what some of you think.

I don't take too many measurements, I'll just say i'm a I'm a national level NPC competitor. 19.75" arms, 28 inch quads and 225 lbs offseason thats about all i measure.

This is my third show i'm doing...4 weeks and under my gear is lookin like this:

Test Prop 500 mgs/week
Tren Acetate 100 mgs e.o.d.
Winstrol (Inj) 50 mgs everyday
Ephedra 50 mgs/day
Masteron 200 mgs e.o.d.

I'll basically run those up til showtime except the prop which will be cut out at 2 weeks out.

And of course we cannot forget the REBOUND effect after the show...i'm a big believer that after a contest when the body gets such a surplus of calories is when its going to grow more than ever.

Wednesday after the show, and for another 10 weeks. (i usually do 14+ weeks for my cycles but for the rebound 10 weeks is more than enough.)

500 mgs Sustanon/week
600 mgs Deca/week
35 mgs methanabol (British Dragon)/day (first 6-8 weeks).

I want to ask some of you with experience if opting for EQ rather than Deca to increase appetite. Whenever I took EQ i ate tons and tons, and I feel DEca actually supresses my appetite. But Deca is said to put on better gains, so I don't know whther to put the Deca or the EQ.

oh you gotta love having the gear right in front of you and having to decide which one to take lol

peace all

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