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Post by Dmf1981 on Fri Aug 18, 2017 3:43 pm

About a month ago, I ran a simple cycle of test, dbol and winny. The compounds were effective, strength went up, vascularity was amazing, etc. Once the cycle was over, I waited a week, then started on HCG. Everything was fine.

Flawless communication throughout the entire ordeal, replies to my emails were quick and helpful.

Received the items about 6 business days after payment was submitted.

Products I received were pharm grade, top quality. Worked perfectly. saved my balls!

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Post by jamoliv on Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:43 pm

I have been doing cycles on and off for years and have dealt with different sources but these guys have by far been the most hospitable and knowledgeable chaps I've come across. Great gear, decent prices although a couple items I think are a slightly on the high end but small price to pay to be sure you are getting your gear

Their packaging methods are different than anything I have seen and obviously very effective as I have already received three different sizable orders from them without a hitch. Matter of fact, this most recent order was opened by customs (there was a letter inside from customs) and it still made it to me in tact and all accounted for. Average time on all three of my orders was about 2-3 weeks give or take

I ran the sust (500mg per week) and Tren (400mg per week) concurrently for the first 8 weeks rotating pin sight between cheeks and shoulders. Started feeling gains around week 3 and blew the F up around week 5-6...already had about 5 kilos in muscle gain with minimal water retention at this point. Wasn't really much to report in the way of the pip, oil density seemed right in line with what I am used to. Discontinued the Tren at 8 weeks and started Anavar at mid point (6 weeks). Finished off the 12 weeks with continued sust at 500 mg per week and Anavar at 60mg per day. Got nicely leaned up and kept about 70% of gains. Ran A-dex (.5mg eod) during whole cycle. Also ran HCG which really felt like it kept the boys at normal size during the cycle.

Ran Nolva and Ovinum for PCT, one tabe per day for 30 days.

These fellas are good at what they do. I have recommended them to several friends of mine who have ordered as well and received their gear too. Hopefully they will be leaving reviews for them as well because they deserve it. I HIGHLY recommend these guys!!!

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Post by ynot_5_0 on Fri Sep 29, 2017 6:33 am

This is one of my favorites, if not my favorite. His gear is amazing and pretty cheap for the amount you get. Its nice not to pay so much for such a quality product. And this man is all about quality. Try him out. I highly recommend and will be a long time customer. Keep on brother!


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Post by Youngnatty on Fri Oct 20, 2017 6:39 am

This is the best source I have used so far....the t/a is amazing and the communication is head and shoulders above the rest.....

packaged perfectlt( bubble wrapped perfect) went right in mailbox.

I have been using products for a month and it is pure fire......if you have not tried Kalpa yet, it is a must you will not be disappointed,.,,,,,,,this is the best gear going...and B-S is the best to deal with by getting harder than ever before on this gear.....

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Post by HUGE1 on Sat Dec 16, 2017 5:42 am

Bought some test and tren and it's got me going wild in the gym! Amazing top notch gear.

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Post by FLEXNBEEF on Fri Mar 16, 2018 11:44 am

On point in every aspect from start to finish.

T/A was about 10 days to Eastern U.S, and packaging was like no other.

B.P Dbol

B.P Var

The dbol worked as it should and worked quickly, the anavar was just enough to spoil me but I liked it.

If you are looking for a great International source is it!

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Post by spanky123456 on Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:02 am has been my goto source for the last 6 months. Amazing service. I thought i would leave them with some feedback on behalf of me and a friend as its been smooth sailing.

Discreet and well padded. The speed of delivery from the time you place the order is very confidence inspiring.

The HCG helped with friends PCT and gave all the usual effects as expected. Been using it from during my currect cycle since as im confident in the source. The Kalpa sust350 was a top up when i ran short on a cycle and worked exactly as the stuff i got direct from kalpa did. Serials all checked out. Exemestene was generic pharma and seems to be legit. My first time using it so nothing to compare to. Arimidex/Clomid/Tamox all worked as expected.

Overall very impressed with the professionalism.

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Post by Style_74 on Fri Jun 29, 2018 6:32 am

This review is for KP Cypionate and KP Tbol I received from a promo a shop had awhile back.

Communication was good, all emails we're answered in a timely fashion.

Transaction time was around 2 weeks which isn't bad for a international source. Package was so discreet I didn't know what I got unail I opened the package Wink

I will start with the test. I won't go into too much detail because frankly, test is test. I ran the test for 12 weeks at 500 mg a week. The doses were slipt twice a week, mon and thur at 250mg. By week two I could feel the test starting to work, libido was up, skin was extra oily, agression was climbing and a better sense of wellbeing. The oil was clear, pip free, and ran smoothly through a 25g pin. Now for the Tbol which was by far my favorite part of this cycle. I ran the Tbol at 70mg ed for the first 4 weeks. I split the dose up through the day taking the largest dose pre workout. Within 5 days I could almost feel the Tbol in my system. My agression was climbing and i wanted to destroy the weights when I was at the gym. By week two I was up 4 lbs and my strength was steadily increading . All lifts went up about 5 lbs a week. Now one side affect from the Tbol I didn't like were the pumps, I never experienced pumps so intense until I ran this Tbol. Some days the back pumps we're so intense I had to incorporate Taurine into my supplements to help combat them. By week 4 I was hitting personal records on all my lifts, and I can definitively say that the Tbol was the contributing factor in this. I achieved the same strength gains I did off of Dbol, with allot less bloat/water weight. My starting weight was 202 and I finished at 210. My bench went from 285 max to 315 for 2-3 clean reps. My deadlift went up from 355 to 405. Hoping to stay at around 205 after PCT

Will defiantly use I buy-steroids again in the future, and will DEFINATELY use Tbol in future cycles.


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Post by hulkrager on Fri Jul 06, 2018 6:00 am

I have never had such good results from any cycle before. I am taking 100mgs of tren A and 200mgs of trenE along when some test and I am a beast and lean. I am one of the biggest guys in my gym but also cut up. I don't ever want to come off but I know I need too but this is the best gear I have ever taken and I will be buying all my gear from this company for now on.


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Post by brottha on Tue Aug 28, 2018 10:24 am

I have just placed my third order with these guys and they have become my new number one source, replacing the one I had been using for many years. They have everything I want and at much better prices. I have had no negative experiences with them what so ever so far.

Once payment has been made order is shipped out on the next day from my experiences so far.

Looks very generic, in a good way.Seems to go through without any delay. Vials are well protected

Kalpa Primobolan Depot

Kalpa Winstrol 10

Pregnyl 5000IU HCG

7Lab Anastrozole

I do regularly work out, but hadn't done anything for a while and at 53 not looking to do anything too strong. That said, I started with the Kalpa Winstrol at just 30 mg a day for 6wks.I know this is a week cycle, but my strength increased very quickly and to me this Stanozolol seemed stronger than the UGL brands I had done before. In just 6 wks I lost a good bit of the winter flab I had gotten and a very noticeable gain in muscle definition. I waited 2 months and started 300mg of Primobolan with 400mg test e ew. I am on week 5 and starting to get great results.Only gained 5 lbs so far but lost a lot of body fat.Forgot to say I am taking 1mg of Anastrozole eod to keep the water retention down.I have done this cycle before and love it. The only difference this time with the Primo from UK is I got it for half the price I was paying from my old supplier.

So far these guys could not be better. I hope they will be around for a long time and they will continue to get my business as long as things keep going this well.

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Post by vans on Tue Sep 04, 2018 9:06 am

Customer service is excellent, the replies are always solid and top notch, very friendly-a pleasure to deal with. The products are excellent. You will not be disappointed.


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Post by rosko on Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:38 am

Recieved order of Kalpa Dbol & 7Lab Anastrozole within a week. Both products effective. Packaging good.


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Post by Jonni on Tue Nov 20, 2018 6:33 am

Ordered several vials from the shipping was amazingly fast and, products came as ordered. I have not started on anything yet however, I am looking forward to it and yes I will definitely be back as a customer. Great Job

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