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Determining Maximum Amount Of Testosterone


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Determining Maximum Amount Of Testosterone Empty Determining Maximum Amount Of Testosterone

Post by Mr.E on Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:35 pm

Here is the info that some might find interesting........I don't go by this - because I believe everyone is different....but thats just me!

Determining maximum amount of testosterone

This is just for shits and giggles, it should not be taken as advice or even a gold standard, just a handy tool.

We all know that testosterone is by far the most health conscious choice for those dabbling in illicit performance enhancement. To such an extent that I personally believe that any non-competitive athlete should refrain from using anything else as long as possible. But we also know that in very high doses testosterone's effects no longer increase linearly. At which point adding more testosterone is fairly useless and another drug must be additioned. I personally recommend fina because it is synergistic with test anti-catabolically and it solves the problem that test has with not filling up all androgen receptors (since it is highly resistant to SHBG and the like and has a high affinity for the AR).

But what is that maximum dose of test at which point another drug should be added instead of more testosterone ? Well, I'm basing this simple calculation on a study on rats where 1mg/kg/d showed an increase in weight gain, but upping the dose to 10 mg/kg/d did nothing to enhance this effect. Now this does not mean that 1mg is the ceiling. It could be lower, but we also know that 600 mg per week of I forget what ester still showed a perfectly linear response, so it won't be that much lower. But using these figures you could calculate your maximum dose of testosterone as follows :

(Bodyweight (in kg) x 7 (days per week) / percentage of testosterone in ester ) x 100

This determines the weekly dose of your ester of choice. Two problems with this equation :

1.Some of you may still not have grasped the concept of a universal metric system, in which case, your bodyweight in kg is the same as your bodyweight in lbs divided by 2.2. Give or take.

2.You don't know the percentage of testosterone in a given ester and you haven't the faintest where to look it up. Well, folks, I had some time on my hands, so I calculated it for you :

a.Testosterone suspension : 100%
b.Testosterone Propionate : 79%
c.Testosterone Phenylpropionate : 66%
d.Testosterone Isocaproate : 71%
e.Testosterone enanthate : 69%
f.Testosterone Cypionate : 67%
g.Testosterone Undecanoate : 61%

So for examples we have a 220 lbs bodybuilder. His weight in kg would be 220/2.2 = 100 kg. 100 x 7 = 700. Lets take enanthate as an example so (700/69) x 100 = 1015 mg per week of testosterone enanthate.

If you inject once a week, that'll be about 1g, if you inject twice a week that will be two times 500 mg. If this dose is no longer effective for you, then you would addition another steroid.

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