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Did i Waste My Shot?


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Did i Waste My Shot? Empty Did i Waste My Shot?

Post by amnesiac on Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:38 am

hey guys, started my cycle today, cycle and stats are

Stats are 25 y.o. 6’2, 228, 11-12 percent bf. One bulking cycle under my belt.

Wk 1-8 150mg prop e.o.d 500mg per week. First two weeks adding 350-400mg of androgel a week.
Wk 1-8 100mg masteron e.o.d
Wk 3-8 50mg winstrol e.d.

Wk 9-11 pct nolvadex 40,40,30, 4-5 grams trib e.d.

question is this, i did my first shot today/saturday-and won't be lifting until monday-didn't lift sat or sun cuz those are days off i shot on satuday cuz i figured that i'd "kick start" the cycle and have the hormones nice and flowing by monday when i lift. now i'm wondring if i wasted the shot because of the short half lives of both drugs-the mast is prop as well-like both will be out of my system on monday so it was a wasted shot. also took a full week off this last week to get rested for the cycle so no benefits there. am i off base here or did i jack off a percectly good shot? thanks.

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Did i Waste My Shot? Empty Re: Did i Waste My Shot?

Post by BrotherIron on Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:20 am

Yeah i would have waited till Mon. I dont see the benefit from that shot imho.

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