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The last online vendor you'll ever use.


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The last online vendor you'll ever use. Empty The last online vendor you'll ever use.

Post by pyramid90 on Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:49 pm

I was recently to introduced to

After testing the water with 4-5 different online vendors from all over the world, ive finally found my 'Atlantis' of gear haha.
I have nothing to do with them, they're based out of China, and honestly don't speak the best English. With that said, their customer service is very responsive, but you won't have any reason to use it.

I truly can't explain how they're able to sell their gear so cheap while being so pure/dosed. They sell a lab's gear labeled "bomb labs" and it's currently %50 percent off all product. Their 10ml vial of tren E was stronger and felt twice as effective as "pharma" tren E I paid $80 for 6 months earlier. Sus-300 for $30. Shits crazy.

It took only 11 days after shipment to receive my gear in TN.

I'd highly recommend. I'm not sure if they are a secret to all or if they were just to me, but I'm stoked I found them.

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