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How to use IGF R3!


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How to use IGF R3! Empty How to use IGF R3!

Post by Mr.E on Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:16 am

The LR3IGF-1 kit should includes the following:

1mg (1000mcg) lyophilized Long R3 IGF-1
1.5 - 2 ml benzyl alcohol
40cc sterile water

The LR3IGF-1 is dissolved with 1ml of benzyl alcohol. This yields a
solution of 1000mcg per 1cc. 1cc on a 1ml insulin syringe is divided into 100 graduations or units. Therefore we can say we have a 1000mcg per 100unit solution or properly reduced it reads 10mcg per 1 unit.

The dosage for the LR3IGF-1 kits is 50mcg per day in divided doses (25mcg 2X daily). This means for each injection 2.5 units on a 1ml insulin syringe must be drawn up.

Now the user has a choice to inject the benzy alcohol solutiuon directly via subcutaneously (if they don't mind the sting) or dilute the solution with sterile water. Either way the same amount of benzyl alcohol is entering the body.

To dilute the solution one must note that benzyl alcohol has a maximum solubility in water of 4% by volume. Therefore for example 96 units of water and 4 units benzyl alcohol mater a 100unit, 4% solution.

To properly dilute the 2.5 unit injection the user needs to draw a
minimum of an additional 60 units of water into the syringe containing the 2.5 units of benzyl alcohol. This wil make a total volume of 62.5 units of the graduations of the syringe, (It is better to draw 65 - 70 units of water to make to dissolving of the benzyl alcohol into the water easier). The user must now shake an tap the syringe to help the benzyl alcohol dissolve.

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How to use IGF R3! Empty Re: How to use IGF R3!

Post by MACE on Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:10 pm

great post E.
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How to use IGF R3! Empty Re: How to use IGF R3!

Post by Eating Machine on Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:01 pm

Good Info "E",

Have you tried it yet? I have read mixed reviews.


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How to use IGF R3! Empty Re: How to use IGF R3!

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