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Felt a Pop Empty Felt a Pop

Post by TrainerDave Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:32 am

I was doing heavy shrugs yesterday and all of a sududen I felt a pop where my upper forearm tendons connect right below the bottom of my bicep, the way it felt I was sure I tore something, as I have torn things in the past, it hurt, and is still tender today, but there is no discoloration or much swelling si I am praying it is just a strain. my muscles and tendons have felt tight every since my contest, seems like they have no elasticity, I cut tren out of my cycle because I think that is the culprit,when I think back I tore both my hamstring and pec when I took to much tren. tren hardenes you up, and in my opinion is not good to use for a post contest cycle, when you are still very low on the bodyfat, it make you really brittle. I ordered 4 bottles of deca a a few weeks ago, cant wait till they get here, i need it bad. Im hopeing its just a strain, I can still move my arm, and it doesnt hurt that bad, but that pop scrares the hell out of me.

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