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    Post by MAnderson011 Tue Feb 26, 2019 7:19 am

    Finally review time! Two orders in now, first back in beginning of October, last one about 2 weeks ago. First order 3 days from donation to door, second one took just over a week due to some issues with getting the donation routed.

    Whole time AnabolicSteroids4Sale kept good communication and even tossed in a little extra for the fun we had getting the donation issues fixed... both orders have been extremely well packed, nice FULL vials, vacuum sealed and bubble wrapped, with NO indication of whats inside, and even if Tread himself were to stomp on the pack it wouldnt leak!

    Finished out my cruise with a different brand and started in with Kalpa's Test P.. smooth with no noticeable PIP, good morning wood, 3 weeks in on Kalpa P and E now, nice increase in mass and strength.. would be more mass increase, but I hold my cals lower than most as I very easily put on weight in the middle, and am already at 265.. as it is I am already pushing the limits on some of the clothes.

    Until I managed to step on the damn thing, I had also added some of their Tren A to the mix, which showed some nice gains very quickly, only got kicked in the chest one time, but I always loaded some prop on top of the tren and watched the injection carefully. Even then, could feel it some in the throat, and scratchiness to the voice... this doesnt even consider the dreams tho... MAN, talk about some weird shit!!

    Overall, very pleased with the service, communication, TA, and product.. then again, AnabolicSteroids4Sale have always been class acts even before so why would I expect anything different? Top Notch gear, great pricing, they are raising the bar and setting the new gold standards for what it means to be a Dom source... In short.. "BOOOM!" Da shits good, and will definitely be using again!!

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