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    Post by Gradyd164 Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:19 pm

    Third order from 7Steroids. This order was small but I try to do larger and fewer orders to get what I need. Outlaying a large amount of money can be scary, but you can buy with confidence and know you will get what you paid for plus some.

    First rate communication. One product was unavailable. Was contacted and substitution arranged. Excellent support.

    Packages were wrapped tight and discreet. No rattling when shook. Contents were intact and undamaged.

    1 - Halo-lab

    1 - Sustalab-250

    3 - Mastolab-100

    3 - Cleno-lab 40

    1 - Aromasin-lab

    3 - Proviron-lab

    100 - Thyro-lab

    I am in my cutting stage to re qualify for nationals. Last qualifier here of the year. Competition is stiff and I have never looked better. Excellent quality as always. I never worry about my conditioning when using 7Lab Pharm. The quality and density of my muscle improves everyday. The graininess from the androgens has started to kick in.

    As always, original and top quality products from No complaints.

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