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    Anabolic Steroids and Red Blood Cells

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    anabolic - Anabolic Steroids and Red Blood Cells Empty Anabolic Steroids and Red Blood Cells

    Post by Dr. Steroids Tue Mar 19, 2013 10:50 am

    Anabolic/androgenic steroids display a wide range of physiological effects.

    Androgen receptors are found in numerous body tissues including skeletal muscle, skin, scalp, liver, heart, prostate, brain and nervous system, bone, adipose and kidney tissue, and consequently these drugs, as our endogenous androgens, have numerous activities in the body aside from just building muscle.

    One topic that is rarely spoken about aside from passing mention, namely that anabolic/androgenic steroid can have a positive effect on red blood cell production.

    Red blood cell concentrations are of course integral to the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, and increased production could possibly have numerous related benefits.

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