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    A Combination to Destroy Stubborn Fat

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    A Combination to Destroy Stubborn Fat Empty A Combination to Destroy Stubborn Fat

    Post by Dr. Steroids Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:17 am

    Citrus bioflavonoids and Soy flavones

    Citrus bioflavonoids contain natural properties that may block estrogen. They are abundant in the white, spongy layer of the peel. Soy flavones have mild estrogenic properties. They bind to estrogen receptors in the tissues and block them from estrodiol, the most potent estrogen hormone.

    Estrodiol is called the bad estrogen because of its occasionally powerful effects on the body, such as bloating, water retention, fat gain, feminization of men (such as “bitch tits”), fat under the skin and stubborn fat gain around the chest and the belly.

    Experiments have shown that combining citrus bioflavonoids with soy flavones resulted in a powerful, natural way to block the estrogenic effect on the body.

    Adding citrus bioflavonoids to soy flavones created a more powerful defense against estrogen than taking soy flavones alone.

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