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    Majesty Labs (New US Domestic Source) Empty Majesty Labs (New US Domestic Source)

    Post by Majesty Labs Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:15 pm

    Greeting ladies and gents,

    We are Majesty Labs, we are a small group of individuals venturing from one of larger sources of a UK based lab and opening up our own US domestic operations.

    About us: We have over 5 years in experience in distributing and manufacturing anabolics. Our raws are sourced from one of the most reputable vendors there is. Within the us our members have delivered over 1500 packages without an issue. And we will always aim to keep our prices very competitive.

    Payment: We will always prefer bitcoin as our preferred method of payment, however we can work out western union payment although this may delay shipping times due to the fact we do not ship until payment is received.

    Inventory: We currently only offering injectables in 10ml vials while we work on gathering a large stock of orals such as aromasin, anavar, dbol, anadrol, superdrol, clomid, cialis, viagra, and much more including dnp. All in caps.

    Communications: The best way to reach us is to email us at

    Reputation: Unfortunately we are a new operation for here in the states and we are looking to build our reputation very quickly, as such we are asking for veteran members to receive new fast acting compounds from us free of charge and post a review of our stealth and shipping times. If review includes blood reports we will offer a $100 credit on your next order.

    Currently in stock:

    Test E 250mg x 10ml $35

    Test P 100mg x 10ml $25

    Tren Ace 100mg x 10ml $40

    Tren E 200mg x 10ml $50

    Mast Prop 100mg x 10ml $35

    Mast E 250mg x 10 ml

    Equipoise(EQ) 250mg x 10ml $35

    NPP 100mg x 10ml $30

    Deca 250mg X 10ml $40

    Bold Cyp 200mg x 10ml $45

    TNE 100mg x 10ml $25

    We look forward to working with many of you in the near future, Cheers

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