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Natural Test level way down


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Natural Test level way down Empty Natural Test level way down

Post by 750GSXR on Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:53 am

I got my bloodwork done on the 5th exactly 10 weeks after last injection everything was good and in the normal range except for my Testosterone range is supposed to be between 241-827 and mine was 86!! I can still get it up but it takes a little more effort and I don't feel the need to have sex as much. This was my last cycle and PCT:

Weeks 1-12 Test Cyp. 600mg (300mg Mon./Thurs.)
Weeks 1-12 Nandroxyl 400mg (200mg Mon./Thurs.)
Weeks 1-4 50mg Anadroxyl
Weeks 6-12 Masteroxyl 300mg (150mg Mon./Thurs.)

Week 14 clomid 150mg/Nolva 20mg ed
Week 15 Clomid 100mg/Nolva 20mg ed
Week 16 Clomid 50mg ed

I never ran HCG wiich I am now regreting, but I need some help. I have loaded up on Tribulus about 2 grams a day and am getting another blood test after my 12 week mark. My doctor will put me in touch with a Endocrinologist if they are low again.



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Natural Test level way down Empty Re: Natural Test level way down

Post by popeye's on Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:10 am

Hey bro,

I am in the same situation as you are now. I did a very good PCT with HCG and still I have a low test. I got tested about 5 week after my cycle was done and low test ( I don’t remember my test results). Now he wants me to come in 3 weeks for a new test. If nothing has change well I don’t know, I just hope he does something because I don’t want to shoot blanks anymore.

Is there something I can get to help it go back to normal? Right now I am only taking Xyience XSEX Xtreme Sex for my problem of impotency. It works but nothing like Viagra. I will order some lovex soon hope that stuff will help me.

Anyways bro I hope everything goes well and please PM me for any updates

El Mucho
El Mucho

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Natural Test level way down Empty Re: Natural Test level way down

Post by El Mucho on Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:52 am

I ordered 3 bottles of this and am taking 6 of them every night before bed for 45 days. I feel like a million bucks and cannot keep the little guy down. I'm also using 1500mcg of B12 twice a week and 3 tabs of Liv-52 along with the Tribulus. Anyway, I feel awesome and my strength and libido are way up even while being off cycle. I was using clen but I stopped due to the higher BP.

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Natural Test level way down Empty Re: Natural Test level way down

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