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Calorie Intake?


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Calorie Intake? Empty Calorie Intake?

Post by Al-Mann Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:35 am

My protein intake should be 200 g per day. At 200.5 g per day my calorie intake stands at 1300 calories. Should I double my intake to get 2600 calories which brings me to 401 g of protein per day for a beginner, which is too high in my opinion? What is the calorie intake for my stats? I know the beasts go for 4500 + calories but they are about 100 lbs heavier than me and there body consume loads more energy.

Don’t worry too much about the cycle. Will come to that. All I want to say at this point is that it will be a mass cycle, so I should not starve my body from nutrition but too much fat and juice don’t mix.

My stats:
Age: 29
Weight: 191.8 lbs
Length: 6 feet
BF: ?% Lets say about 12%. At 168 lbs I will be a skeleton, thus about 20 lbs over weight
Body Type: Mesomorph
Goal: Gain Mass

Thank you all!

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