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    PCT for a Woman using HGH


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    PCT for a Woman using HGH Empty PCT for a Woman using HGH

    Post by focamik Thu May 17, 2018 4:33 am

    i have a friend that is going to start using a low dose of HGH and i was just wondering if there is any PCT for her that i could recommend? We got alot of information (see below) from this forum and we were wondering about PCT... if there even is such a thing.

    Growth 1 – 2 iu’s a day

    If you see water retention LOW dose diuretic like 1/2 of a dyazide tab a day (or even every other day).

    can lower your own t3 production. For fat reduction I recomend supplementing your iodine (which will NATURALLY boost it back up). Kale is an excellent source. You can also take pills.

    The minimum she should do is supplement .1g of iodine into her daily regimine.

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