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No test on NPP cycle?


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No test on NPP cycle? Empty No test on NPP cycle?

Post by Assassin on Sun Jul 22, 2018 12:59 am

So I've been putting off my second cycle for a long time now. My first was just a simple Test-E & Tbol cycle, which was great. I had another plan of doing a 12-weeker w/ test cyp/eq/tbol. I was kinda dead set on that but some stuff came up and I never ran it. Now I'm basically starting anew and thinking of trying Nan PP. I've researched for the last 3 days about NPP and have found a few instances in which people choose not to use test while running this. So it crossed my mind to try 100mg/eod of NPP for 6 weeks (A SHICH, of sorts, although not very high intensity), along with Cabaser (Dostinex) Basically, I'd like to know if I could get away with this. Is cabaser that effective? I know I'm overlooking something here, I have to be. But from what I've read about cabaser and people using it with nandrolone, it doesn't seem to far fetched to see someone use nadrolone without test. Anyone ever tried? I know just looking at this it's a bad idea. Could someone tell me why specifically that this is stupid? Sorry for the dumb question
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No test on NPP cycle? Empty Re: No test on NPP cycle?

Post by El Mucho on Sun Jul 22, 2018 1:46 am

I've heard of quite a few guys that use Nan Decanoate by itself, but never NPP. I've never used Cebaser either so I can't tell you how effective it is or isn't. I can't see anything wrong with just 6 weeks of NPP only, other than the fact that it would shut you down hard. The bad thing about being shutdown without test is the sex drive and stuff. So if that was covered by the cebaser, I don't see what would be wrong with it. I do support having test in all of the longer cycles, but I've met some fairly large old school bodybuilders that think long cycles and using test in every cycle is a bad thing.

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