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    Tryin to prioritize Empty Tryin to prioritize

    Post by Attribute Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:58 am

    If there's such a thing as a stupid question this is probably it, but I've read and researched a lot about IGF-1Lr3 and a little bit about MGF.

    I've only heard of people using it during PCT and not during a cycle, although its said to have great "enhancing" effects on any steroid. I've also read that its quite useless after about 6weeks with about a month in between each cycle.

    Which would be more beneficial, during a cycle, or during PCT? Are gains that much of a difference with this stuff as opposed to saving my money for more roids without it? Or am I totally wrong and as long as you have the dough you can grow some mo' without any kind of cycle

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