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Alternative Medicine?


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Alternative Medicine? Empty Alternative Medicine?

Post by acupunk Sat Sep 01, 2018 5:45 am

"Alternative Medicine" is defined as any protocol, action, or therapy that isn't "drugs, radiation, or surgery oriented."

Wrongfully named?  Yes.  So-called "alternative medicine" is actually the health choice of planet earth.  It is a combination of every good health idea invented by mankind, in every country and culture on this planet.  There is nothing "alternative" about it.  Labeling planet earth's health choice as "alternative" is, and was, a propaganda device.

North Americans have overwhelmingly (by their purchases) made "Alternative Medicine" the "health choice of the people" - for the best of reasons: it works better than allopathic, it "removes the cause" rather than "treating the symptoms," it is cost effective, it makes people feel better and think clearer, and it doesn't have all those horrible effects, and side effects, of invasive surgery or prescription drugs.

More than half of the US health dollar in 1999 was spent on "Alternative Medicine" and it was all out-of-pocket.  Conventional medicine is being paid for, and is surviving, only because insurance and Medicare pay for it - the public won't spend an out-of-pocket nickel on it.

Alternative Medicine philosophies fit the "American (I'll make my own decisions)" way of thinking.  Allopathic Medicine philosophies fit the "Germanic (follow my orders)" way.  "Alternative Medicine" is for people who think for themselves - Americans.

The door to real "alternatives" is barely open. The future of medicine is right in front of us - it isn't in pharmaceuticals - it is in nutrition, body cleansing, prevention, oxygen therapies and energy medicine

by Tim Bolen

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