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131 posters Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

    Dr. Steroids
    Dr. Steroids

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    Location : Adrenaline Alley Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store? Empty Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

    Post by Dr. Steroids Wed Dec 30, 2015 2:06 pm reviews, general information and discussions. Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store? Ejd2df

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    Post by shortys_102 Mon Mar 14, 2016 1:41 pm

    I couldn't be more impressed with this supplier! My order came within 8 days, and everything was there as described! I tried a few other company's on here and was disappointed, I can happily say I have found a solid supplier!

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    Post by DChamp1 Tue Mar 22, 2016 7:01 am

    Very happy with the ease of dealing with these guys. With so many good sources out there today they still stay ahead with great service and products.

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    Post by Biggin Mon Apr 25, 2016 3:17 am

    Definitely give them a try, especially if you're domestic.

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    Post by stealth114 Mon May 16, 2016 3:22 am

    This guy is doing an outstanding job, This was my very first order and have ordered numerous times since then. Never been disappointed. Dealing customers in professional manner and taking care everything gets to you on time safe.

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    Post by beezil Tue May 31, 2016 8:43 am

    This is the review for their dbol 10mgs

    Communication was good as all my orders have made it with no issues and support wasn't needed

    Pack arrives just under 2 weeks and well packed

    Great quality!

    Ran 50 mgs an hour and a 1/2 preworkout. Awesome pumps. About a week in I gained about 4 pounds and BP started to rise. End of week 2 I gained about 7 pounds and the pumps were great as I would get so pumped that would have to stop the set and muscle I was working for a second then hit it again. Muscle became fuller and more pronounced by the last week at 20 days. Fun product for pre-workout and quick weight gain. I def don't recommend running for very long but 2 weeks or so as a blast if fun and motivating

    Always have good, consistent quality gear from them and I def recommend

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    Post by xixer Thu Jun 02, 2016 3:54 am

    I've use dbol from many other sources. But this is by far the best I have tried. I put on 8 lbs in the first week. I personally never thought that was possible and at 30 to 40 mgs a day. This was a kick start to a cycle I did.

    Dbol - top notch quality. These little pink tabs were Powerful.

    Had 4 different brands of dbol for my buddies and i. These were the ones I kept for myself needless to say.

    Discreetly packaged. That's pretty much it.

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    Post by tattooi2k Tue Jun 07, 2016 3:50 am

    So a few months back my roommate found this source and liked what he saw and decided to put in an order. I have a hoarding problem and couldn't let him order without atleast grabbing me a little something. He isn't active on here so the review is for both of us.

    As good as it gets, He usually orders through me so I just walked him through everything. Process was super easy. Only sent one question on when it was gonna be shipped and got a response within a few hours.

    It took a little less then two weeks which is super fast for an order coming from across the pond. Ive been waiting longer for a domestic order right now. packaging was great, very tightly packed discrete.

    I was using another labs test p at the time that is very very high quality, and wanted to try out the kalpa's test so i switched over to it and went through that vial and felt not drop off strength, sex drive, weight etc. I know the other lab was absolute fire and this gear felt no different. Very high quality test, no problems with pip either which is always a sign of a quality prop brew. He had a great experience with the test e. He was also using the other labs test and it was a completely smooth transition into the kalpa gear. He made great gains even while cutting. He said the stuff felt stronger, and he had an increase in acne while on it which as much as it sucks, its a good sign. great libido, energy and feeling of wellbeing.

    Order with confidence. I am planning on putting in another order in the next few months to stock up on some pharm grade pct products. They have an awesome selection and great prices. Im glad my roommate did some research and came across this source. I tend stick to what I know and don't like change so to speak, so I'm glad we gave this source a shot. Can never have enough trustworthy souces with high quality products for a good price.

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    Post by morthanmeetsthei Thu Jun 09, 2016 2:59 am

    Ordered because of good testimony from trusted bros

    Sust 300


    Oil base Test

    Quality is of pharmacy grade in my opinion. I have used the oil base test 2-3x a week incorporated into my current cycle. The oil base 2hr PWO gives me immense strength and endurance increases during my entire workout. I am horny as fuck, got my typically conservative girl to fuck me in the car today cause i was so out of control ready to get at the pussy. I have not used the other products yet but will be running my next cycle kalpa only and will log and post up

    Pharmacy quality and excellent service in my experience.

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    Post by DuckDown Tue Jun 14, 2016 2:19 am

    3rd order just placed...Previous 2 orders both DRAGON PHARMA SUSTANON 350 Excellent results, super fast delivery!

    Starting 9th week of DRAGON PHARMA SUSTANON 350, gained muscle and strength Dosed at 100ml every other day. Only gained 5 lbs but people think Ive gained 15 lbs due to all muscle gain.

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    Post by utfootball4 Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:44 am

    I have ordered a lot of products from bodypharm but I'm going to stick to the three I've used for several weeks and will review the others later when I've had time to see the results!! The products of this review are Clenbuterol (dragon pharma), Cialis (Gen-Shi), and Arimidex (Gen-Shi). I am currently on a heavy test cycle 600mg Enanthate (other source) per week (sometimes over 1g a week depending on how much suspension I use) and 600mg Equipoise (Gen-Shi from bodypharm) per week.

    BodyPharm's pickup and ship time is excellent!! You can see via tracker it usually has left the original country in less than 48 hours. Sometimes it gets stuck in customs. Sometimes it does not!!! I've had four orders shipped to me and two were extremely fast (8 to 10 days) and two where long (almost 30 days) but these were hang ups in customs and beyond roidspharm's control. Packages are always discrete!!!

    Going with Cialis first... People hate to admit when they have issues but I've had issues for years in the erectile area and it is not steroid related. Viagra has side effects. They suck!!! But this Cialis from gen-shi has absolutely brought me back to my younger years!!! I can take one of these and wear a woman out for a day and a half!!! Excellent!!! Can't say it enough!!! Excellent!!! This product alone makes me want to dry hump originals leg!!! (Fan boy of the week quote, hahaha). No homo!!!

    Next is the Clen!!! Given it is dragon pharma I guess the results are to be expected!!! I've never used Clen before so I really have no basis for comparison so I'll just give the results... I just finished a two week cut with it (yes... Mid cycle, I do that) and the results ... With taurine and potassium supplementation is 12 pounds down!!! That is 14 days with 3 nasty cheat days, minimal cardio, lots of water (2 gallons a day except on cheat days), and minimal carbs (except cheat days). Also... I never went above 4 tabs a day (0.08mg). I think that's excellent results!!!

    And last... Arimidex!!! Sometimes over a g of test plus 600 equipoise (I know the equipoise is low estrogen but still going to some estrogen) per week!! That's a nasty recipe for estrogen!!! I started this cycle with the arimidex from day one for that very reason!!! 1mg every other day. Very little water retention, no insane increase in bp, and obviously no gyno (else I'd be one of those screaming on the forums for help). If this arimidex didn't work, I'd be Bob from Fight Club real fast!!! Another excellent product.

    I love this source!!! It and one other are my go to sources for everything!!! I've got so much stuff from bodypharm I haven't even used yet and I'm still ready to order again!!! Highly recommended!!! Forgot to put I obtained all these on bodypharm's many promos he's had!!

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    Post by skegsy Tue Jun 21, 2016 2:57 am

    Review for some pro-var i ran by dragon pharma from bodypharm

    Very good fast helpful replies to all emails and easy process

    Arrived within started ta packed very well very stealth and no damage to any of the products

    Ran it 50days at 50mg pre workout

    Noticed increased pumps and strength surge and more stamina and endurance in my workouts, definitely noticed some stomachs fullness and lots of hungerr and improved vascularity and hardness.

    I've ran var before and I would say this compares to other too brands

    I don't have any neg sides on this products

    Product presentation is also very nice ad pro looking.


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    Join date : 2016-03-17 Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store? Empty Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

    Post by yob2k Thu Jun 23, 2016 12:12 pm

    This promo from BodyPharm happened at the perfect time. I was preparing for a competition and wanted to include some winstrol so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get in on this promo to see if winnie was a compound that was going to work for me.

    Package arrived in under 10 days which is pretty good for international. It must have sailed through customs because that is where the hold-up always seems to be. Was packed tight and solid so no issues there.

    draon pharma winstrol 50mg.

    I have never used winnie before so I started my dosing on the cautious side at only 25mg for the first week to see how my joints were going to react to it. No problems with creaky joints so I bumped it up to 50mg/d for 3weeks until I ran out. My left knee acted up a little bit but it was no big deal. I was taking in 6-8g of fish oil/day so that may have helped with the joint issues. I didn't notice much if anything that first week at 25mg but once I bumped it up to 50mg I noticed a notable drying effect and some good hard pumps in the gym. No crippling pumps, but the muscles just felt tighter and harder and the vascularity really popped. I was hovering around 8% BF at the time so the winnie was really showing in my physique. 50mg seems to be the right dose for me. Minimal sides and good drying/hardening effects at that dose. I wasn't running any other orals at the time so I am pretty confident the results I was noticing were from the draon pharma's winnie.

    First time running winnie and I was pleased with the results. I can't compare the results of the dragon pharma's winnie to other brands but I would have no qualms using the dragon pharma brand again. Source is easy and smooth to deal with also.
    Eating Machine
    Eating Machine

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    Location : TEXAS Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store? Empty Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

    Post by Eating Machine Tue Jun 28, 2016 4:28 am

    Simple Test only cycle. Prop was smooth

    No pip or lumps at all.

    Roughly 10 days

    I was using 100mg ED of test propionate.

    Could feel the increase in strength and libido within the first week. All my lifts went up by at least 5%. I also noticed increase in endurance. Was able to workout longer than usual and do more reps.

    Overall this cycle was successful

    Thanks to BodyPharm

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    Location : Toronto Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store? Empty Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

    Post by iggy Sun Jul 03, 2016 11:37 pm

    Communication was great. Their site is easy to navigate and order from.

    The T/A was great (approx. 10 days). The product was packaged very discreet and secure. Very professional.

    10 5ml Gen-Shi Test E 250 mg/ml

    50 Clen

    I started taking the Test E couple of weeks after receiving it at 600mg a week. This was the first time taking this brand and I have not been disappointed. I have been able to notice good strength, weight gains and increase in libido a long with the normal sides i.e. oily skin etc. I would have to say that it is up to par with the other Test E I have take thus far. I have not taken the Clen so I can't comment on it yet. Gen-Shi is definitely legit and would use it again.

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    Post by evilbroderick Wed Jul 06, 2016 1:29 am

    This is for the amazing promo they had with their test prop 100 2 10ml bottles. This is really legit and amazing gear!!

    Non needed they messages me to tell me when it was going to ship and no contact needed after.

    Time arrival after shipping was about 4 days!! Amazing quick shipping! Love it and love that they are domestic as well.

    This product is amazing! High dosage per ml and can feel the effects by the second week. When pinning it's silky smooth, very minimal of any PIP like other props I have used. Definitely quality gear and having amazing results. Strength and libido is way up, a little acne but nothing to dread.

    I 100% recommend you try them. Great prices and domestic so less chance of it being seized.

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    Join date : 2016-03-22 Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store? Empty Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

    Post by fatman Fri Jul 08, 2016 5:36 am

    Always heard good things about BodyPharm and it took me awhile to try them out... I'm not sure what took me so long. Feel like I was missing out. Really satisfied with the products ordered and looking to order more.

    No problems with comms. Response always received within 24 hrs.

    Very discrete and securely packaged. All products arrived without damage. Package arrived within projected T/A,

    Dianabol 20mg (Dbol)

    Proviroxyl 50mg (Provi)

    I am familiar with Dianabol through various UGLs and Pharma companies (March). Dragon Pharma's product was potent. At 30mg-50mg ED for 6 weeks, I experienced all the familiar signs. Increased well being feeling within days, mood boost, alphaness, increase in strength, fullness to muscles (wet), Dbol bloats me up when my diet is shitty and after my binge days the water retention was definitely noticeable. Definitely gained a few lbs of muscle off this stuff, but it was in a stack so I can't put a accurate number to it. I run it as a adjunct to my low test/high tren stack. I love dbol and this stuff was potent. Also familiar with Proviron through various UGLS and Pharma (Bayer). I split Kalpa's 50mg in half and only take 25mg a day. Experienced increased libido, slight diuretic effect/dryness to muscles,... when dosage was increased to 50mg I got very moody and had a short temper which is typical for me on proviron. I also have aggresive male pattern baldness, and this stuff definitely speeds it up. I love provi so much for its libido boost that its hard for me to give it up. Hair be damned. Kalpa's Provi is legit.

    Love these guys, will be doing business again.

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    Post by Kalika Tue Jul 19, 2016 3:49 am

    I ordered HGH from BodyPharm and it was received as expected. Very discreet packaging. As I am sure many others are, I was skeptical about whether or not it was real HGH so I had my Dr order the HGH serum test. I injected 4iu's at 6am and had blood drawn at around 845. My level was 5.2. I was happy to know that I received high quality HGH from this supplier. I would definitely recommend and will use again.

    High quality HGH (Jintropin) and I am planning to use for 3 months at 4iu's/day.

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    Join date : 2016-03-24 Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store? Empty Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

    Post by Jinx Fri Jul 22, 2016 3:12 am

    This review is for test and tren ace. What a great product and service is reliable. No worries with these guys.

    Spot on accually no need for communication since everything went right. Placed donation and gear arrived that easy with these guys no worrying.

    Packaging was protected and secure- also time of arrival went 8 days from donation. Perfect timing.

    5- tren ace - reviewing on for 5 weeks

    4-fast test 200- reviewing on for 5 weeks


    2- tne

    1- clomid

    On the tren ace and fast test 200 for about 5 weeks so far. I had to bump up the test to 1.5 cc every other day because the tren ace had my libido out of whack, but now I have it dialed in with 1 cc tren ace and 1.5 cc fast test tri week mon, wed, fri, which works well with these compounds especially for I am trying to do with them.

    Initially my night sweats were crazy the first week or two I left a puddle of sweat in bed. My wife thinks I have a fever all night. All good stuff though I am happy with the tren and test because it's doing what it's supposed to do. After 3 weeks I got nice n lean lowered my body fat percentage a few percent and toned my upper body very well. A month ago my body looked like shit I really let myself go over the winter and I needed to get it back quick. Dragon pharma's test and tren really helped me out in 4 weeks time I transformed my body it almost feels like overnight success. I've taken these compounds over the years many times so I understand how to maximize and optimize the cycle to get the most out of it, but if your starting out with bogus gear than your not going to optimize shit. Dragon pharma gear gave me everything I needed to get my body back in short time. I had to put in the hours lots of them and watch my diet, wake up mid hours in the night drink a shake you know the drill, but shit that's the easy part. Ha ha. Seriously the gear never gave me post injection pain, or had to had to reconstituted by reheating ect. Just quality stuff i hope they are around for awhile longer or at least until I stop juicing which isn't anytime soon.

    I am over 5 weeks into this cycle and all I can say is that it is one of the most successful cycles I've ever ran in 20 years. I have transformed my sorry ass body over this winter and toned upper body right up. Dropped BF% by a few and I am more vascular than ever. Wow I can't wait until to see what I can accomplish when I finish this cycle. Still have 5 weeks to go.

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    Post by PHREEK Tue Jul 26, 2016 6:12 am

    I ordered and used both Dragon Pharma's Anavar (80mg/day) and Turinabol (40mg/day) along with some other test I had left over and let me just say it was the best and most potent anavar and turinabol i've ever used. I recently just ordered more anavar and am about to place an order for more gear to run an entire dragon pharma cycle because after my first experience, idk if I'd even trust any other brand/source. This is the cycle I am about to do... Test E (or C) at 500-750mg (per week) 250-375mg every Mon/Thurs (haven't decided yet) (weeks 1-16)

    Tren Ace at 500mg (per week) 125mg every other day (weeks 5-12)

    Masteron at 500mg (per week) 125mg every other day (weeks 5-14)

    Anavar at 80mg/day (weeks 1-16)

    Turinabol at 40mg/day (weeks 1-Cool

    Winny Tabs at 40mg/day (weeks 13-16)

    HCG 500iu per week

    Arimidex .5mg/every day

    GH 176-191 Frag - 2.5iu (am) 2.5iu (pm) Monday - Friday (Sat/Sun off)

    BodyPharm has better customer service than most fortune 500 companies lol - but really.

    Packaged great. Discrete and not sloppy whatsoever. Only took about a week after money was received.

    Anavar and Turinabol - Product quality was amazing on both compounds.

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    Location : your sisters house Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store? Empty Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

    Post by freshstart Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:55 pm

    Gear is great. Prices even better!

    Contacted them about the tracking number b.c the one they provided didnt show up. They responded very quickly and were very professional about everything.

    Wrapped great, nothing broken. Not even any of the pills, which i find common when packs are from overseas.

    T3 25mcg 100 count

    Oxymetholone 80 tabs at 50mg/

    Cabaser 20 count 2mg/

    Lasix 12 tabs @ 40mg/

    Test cyp×3 dragon pharma

    T3 works great. Using for maintenance while on tren a. 50Mcg /day is working great. Loosing more weight than when i was on ephedria alone. Drol is very potent tried 25mg /day while on a cal deficit. Changed nothing in my diet or cycle but the added drol for one week, and gained 10lb!! Caber is exactly like the ones ordered from another source, and im not lactating while on 1050 tren a /week. So thats doing its job. Lasix will be used in a few weeks for a contest. 40Mg night before and 20mg day of. Its packaged exactly how other sources have and im confident it will be legit. Though i havent used any yet. Test cyp was for a buddie and his words were that he feels great on it. He compaired it,to his last source and said his energy is back and that he feels hard and fuller again. Guessing his last source wasnt dosed very well. Can only conclude that this cyp is dosed correctly.

    Very impressed with these guys. Their products have been stellar and their customer service was very professional. I will add that you need to be patient with your pack because it will arrive. Happy i gave these guys a shot wiyh their promo because it was well worth it. I give these guys two thums up.

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    Join date : 2016-03-29 Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store? Empty Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

    Post by JDN23 Tue Aug 02, 2016 4:44 am

    This is a review for deca 300

    Packaging is regular, nothing of special, but small and discrete. The T/A was of 6 working days at my home in EU.

    1 X deca300

    I used it mainly for joint pain at only 300 mg/week, and it do well the job after 2 weeks. The elbows and knees pains are now extremely reduced, I can again load heavy weights on bench press in rest pause, I 'm doing a great job. At this dosage there are no signs of bloat or moon face. Logically I used it in a cutting cycle with other products.

    Dragon Pharma is an exceptional brand, 100% well dosed, the oil is pip and pain free. 10/10

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    Join date : 2016-04-01 Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store? Empty Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

    Post by jgizz2003 Fri Aug 05, 2016 4:55 am

    overdue review for Kalpa clen

    Asked a few questions which where answered quickly

    Came in a discreet box in about a week to international

    I started with 40mcg of clen daily. The first few days on the clenbuterol and I was dripping while doing cardio.. It definitely heated my body up and fat just started melting off. Within a short period of time, I noticed my body was much harder and more toned. Within 6 weeks of doing this cycle (2 weeks on 2 weeks off) I was leaner than ever. I actually had to stop dropping carbs because I was leaning out so fast. I really liked the results and the look this cycle gave me, it was lean and hard with just enough muscularity though I was also on test at the time.

    Good product and a pleasure dealing with supplier. Will order again. Recommend!

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    Join date : 2016-04-02 Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store? Empty Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

    Post by coolioni Tue Aug 09, 2016 4:17 am

    After speaking to these guys they have been busy they have apologized and agreed to double up my free gift for the inconvenience Smile

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    Join date : 2016-04-04 Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store? Empty Re: Reviews - Is Body Pharm a safe steroid store?

    Post by pincrusher Fri Aug 12, 2016 3:39 am is one of the best priced quality roids i know. As far as i know the 25% discount is active for a long time!

    Its a save wrapped pack. Good protected.

    120ml Genshi Sustanon

    Genshi is always spot on, never had any problems with it. Smooth injections. I use sustanon when i use high doses of test or when i cruise. I used it last 3 weeks of my bulk.I felt that the short esters did give me a little boost. I gained some strength specially on my leg days. Squat from 180KG/ 6reps to 190KG/8 reps. Leg press was also a new record. From 275kg/ 8reps to 355kg /8 reps. At this moment i use it 125mg eod i see the water of my bulk is dropping. I dropped 2,5kg in 2 weeks now, Gone adjust my diet and recomp on the sustanon.

    I like the genshi gear alot, this guy sells the best price i can find. He sells good stuff thats legit look at anaboliclab for some test of the brands he carries. Good source, gone buy some gear in the future.

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