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Last check before PCT


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Last check before PCT Empty Last check before PCT

Post by tmx Tue Oct 25, 2016 3:41 am

I'm starting PCT in 3 weeks and want to make sure all is in order.

Currently on Test-e 500mg EW, dbol 40mg ED (last 4 weeks) and HCG 1000IU EW.

- Last two shots of HCG of 1500IU each. Last shot 4 days before PCT.
- Last dbol 2 days before PCT
- Start PCT 14 days after last shot of test-e

PCT protocol:
Wk 1-3, Clomid 100mg ED
Wk 1-6, Aromasin 25/25/25/25/25/25
Wk 1-6, Clen 40-60mcg ED

Does everything look in order? Diet, rest and workouts will be in check.


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Last check before PCT Empty Re: Last check before PCT

Post by deadliftstoheaven Tue Oct 25, 2016 4:29 am

looks good to me. thats basically the same as what I did except I ran clomid for 4 weeks and didn't use clen for anything.

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