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    Post by vagrant Fri May 05, 2017 7:29 am

    Last test/deca will be on 7/25. PCT will end on 9/12. Eating bigger and lifting bigger will continue through this time.

    Thinking about actually getting something right for once so I'll ask now to plan ahead. I've been bulking since last summer, planning to do it all the way through winter (trying to make leaner gains and not get too fat).

    This will be kind of cool too, I'll be bulking through almost everyone's birthdays and this year I'll even be able to eat some of my own cake for the first time in 4 years. Well, 1 cheat day will be needed to get a small piece of cake when my oldest daughter turns 18 in July.

    Anyway, I'm thinking if I don't get too fat on this I can cut from mid June until Late September, just in time to be lean enough for the beach again. If I keep with the PCT eating and lifting until June 17 (last PCT day will be June 12), will it be safe to start cutting at this time to minimize risk of muscle loss? This would give me about three months to take off what fat I gain. One month to slowly get cals down a bit with balance then two months to get shredded. The transition to more calories can happen during the vacation.

    Before when I dieted down I was so fat and out of shape I didn't have to worry about muscle loss cuz I had none to worry about. Plus I managed to build muscle during this time (that should show you how bad off I was when I started). After that, I spent the next 3 years trying to slowly build muscle while trying hard to keep abs the whole time (not conducive to actually eating enough to grow with).

    Does this sound about right? Asking now so I don't screw it up later.

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