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    Muscle Building Tips for Beginners

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    Muscle Building Tips for Beginners Empty Muscle Building Tips for Beginners

    Post by Dr. Steroids Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:26 am

    Never work out more than three times per week; often, working out twice in a week will produce better results.

    Train your whole body in each session.

    Never perform more than twelve sets in any given workout. Intermediates should perform only ten total sets in any given workout.

    When specializing, beginners should perform only five sets for the bodypart being specialized on, with each set being a legitimate “all-out” effort. Intermediates should reduce their sets for the targeted muscle group to a maximum of three.

    Work the specialized bodypart first in the routine, when your energy level is highest, and then train your other bodyparts in descending order—from the largest to the smallest.

    Take one full week off from weight training every ten weeks.

    When not specializing, use the basic routine described in this chapter for impressive, balanced muscular growth.

    When specializing, select a different bodypart every month. This imparts balanced development and prevent over-training of a muscle group.

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