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    HCG estrogen


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    HCG estrogen Empty HCG estrogen

    Post by fads12345 Fri Dec 16, 2016 8:04 am

    Any time you increase test you run the risk of increased estrogen. Will HCG cnvert to estrogen. I think most people on this site reccomend 500iu every three days.
    My other question is would taking aromasin and small doses of nolva be benificial to someone who is gyno sensitive, during cycle? I still got a little gyno while running aromasin with a pretty light cycle. Maybe I should try a different anti-e????????
    No matter what I'm doing blood work like crazy next cycle. Thanks everybody.

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    HCG estrogen Empty Re: HCG estrogen

    Post by Visions Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:13 am

    HCG tells your testes to produce more test so then the test can aromatise into estrogen but HCG doesn't directly convert to estrogen.

    Anytime you are having estrogen related sides your estrogens are out of your normal range. One full dose of an AI is usually enough so if it isn't maybe you should switch suppliers... Taking nolva with it can mask your problem but it doesn't get to the source which is too much estrogen... Nolva can help if you don't have enough AI's so yes they can be used together... Adjust your doses as needed...

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