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Post by Dr. Steroids Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:06 am

Estrogen increases androgen receptor-site sensitivity and is crucial in avoiding gyno and female pattern fat deposits. Using Clomid as an example, a novice AAS user required (if any) only 50 mg/d (50 mg per day) and an intermediate AAS user required 20-30 mg/d.

An advanced AAS user commonly required 30-50 mg/d. A very advanced AAS user sometimes required 40-60 mg/d, and in most cases, some additional help from an aromatase inhibitor.

The key was to watch for signs of gyno and female pattern fat deposits, while keeping a close eye on blood pressure. This was always of the utmost concern during the building the muscles. High blood pressure can introduce a variety of long term and life threatening negative side effects.

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